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Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email Marketing Automation: marketing is not a one-day task; you have to do it repetitively to yield significant results for your business. Also, you have to keep on redesigning your advertisements to suit changing needs of the market. The business industry is dynamic and strategies that worked in the previous month might be obsolete today. Frequent posting or sending of advertisements to your clientele is crucial but can be tedious. If you are a startup hence running multiple tasks at once, you can easily forget to send the emails or make a social media post, which compromises on effectiveness of the marketing process, this is why you need marketing automation services.

Email marketing automation is the most common form of advertisement. It is an efficient way of helping you keep your potential customers informed and reminded of your products or services. Also, it ensures you are constantly reaching out to new prospects even when your mind is other aspects of the business. Marketing is an integral element of a business and should not be traded for anything else. Time is a limiting factor even when you are multi-tasking; to avoid compromising on quality on any aspect of the business, you should engage a company specializing in email marketing.

Is it necessary?

Marketing automation is an effective technique; no doubt but obviously, this marketing option is not suitable for every business. It depends with stage of the business and specific business goals. If you have been working on advertisements and they are paying off with consistently flowing leads. You should be celebrating your successful efforts, but don’t stick here, you need to convert the leads to paying customers. The quality leads are of no significance to your business as they are only statistics. The best they can give you is reputation in the industry. To make the most out of your paying efforts, invest in marketing automation.

Here are some factors to consider to determine if marketing automation is a suitable investment for your business:

  • Generation of new, quality, and steady flow of leads
  • The bulging number of quality leads is overwhelming to your sales team
  • Check if the sale and marketing teams have specified conversations in both of the two perspectives
  • A definite content strategy mapped on individual buyer’s journey
  • Available body language of your leads on all aspects of digital marketing besides email
  • Availability of a lead nurturing strategy ready for scaling

If your business has fulfilled all these factors then you are ripe for marketing automation. It is important you understand marketing automation is not a replacement of your efforts in marketing, it only enhances established plans and existing efforts.

Email Marketing - New York

Keys to successful email marketing automation

The success of marketing automation services is dependent on multiple factors. For instance, you have to research on your target audience and establish whether they can


access emails within the short time possible. It is crucial for effectiveness of the process. Besides research on the process, establishment of an effective marketing automation

strategy requires consistent flow of ideas and creativity. While there are several items to consider, there are key principles to consider for success of your marketing strategy.

First, you should recognize the fact that marketing automation does not generate any new leads for you; it only enhances existing leads and your efforts in advertising.

Therefore, you have to focus on the fundamentals of building quality leads, which should be relevant and timely with respect to the type of business industry. An advertisement should be in line with your target audience’s needs and challenges. It should also address their expectations basing on changing fashions and preference sin the marketing. Prioritize the building blocks of your business before integrating any automation techniques.

Secondly, you should focus your marketing messages and all kind of content on a real person on the receiving end. To maintain relevance of your marketing tools and content, you have to assume it is a real person. Marketing while considering the receiving end as a marketing tool like email or social media will not work. Picturing an individual with preferences and choices helps to address any challenges that may arise in the marketing process. Usually, there is need of making changes in the marketing strategy to fit consumer needs and preferences.

Email Marketing

How to choose a marketing automation provider?

If you are planning to develop a system to do the automation service for your business, you are missing the point. The basic reason of investing in email marketing is freeing up your schedules for focus on creativity and other core elements of your business.
In this case, you have to find a professional and reliable company that understands specific needs of your business and dynamic environment of a business industry. Besides expertise, the company should work on specific business goals. The focus should be on business results and long-term relationship between the two companies rather than individual features of the marketing process.

Be sure to set all your ingredients in place, with regards to fundamentals of marketing and building quality leads before considering integrating marketing automation. Effectiveness of the automation process is dependent on preparation.

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