Tom Sweden Creative Agency

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Cutting Edge Web Design

Creating powerful and cutting edge designed websites is our #1 passion. We are based in New York, we’re experts in web design, especially in the world’s most popular content management system – WordPress. 

Our creative agency develops E-Commerce Stores, Social Media Websites, Digital Download Online Stores, Booking Systems, Real Estate Websites, Multi-Vendor Stores with great community systems and more.


Online shopping is expected to increase in popularity, and traditional businesses must keep and embrace innovation. The most successful e-commerce websites are those that consistently convert visitors into customers by immediately engaging them, establishing trust, and clearing the path to purchase. New Perspective integrates all the right mechanisms to make it compelling and easy for your prospects to buy online whether on their desktops, tablets or smartphones.


If you’d like to turn your site into a community of users and add social media features, then the Tom Sweden Creative Agency makes it possible. We can build a forum, a place where your audience can submit their own blog posts, or a full-fledged social network complete with user profiles and messaging features.

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